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New Mayor for Christchurch

18 May 2011 No Comments
Cllr Sue Spittle and husband John, a Health and Safety Advisor to the Chemical Industry, have two children, Penny and Michael, and one grandson, Adam.

The new Mayor of Christchurch, Cllr Sue Spittle, has officially been sworn in at the annual meeting of Christchurch Borough Council. Previously Mayor in 2004 and 2005, Cllr Spittle was first elected to the Council in 1999 and is a Conservative Member for the St Catherine’s and Hurn Ward. On Continue Reading

Proposals for Pooles Hung Council finalised

13 May 2011 No Comments

Following the local elections on 5th May, Borough of Poole was left with no overall control. The council comprises 21 Conservative, 18 Liberal Democrat and three Poole People members.Poole Borough said discussions between the three party leaders have been ongoing since the elections and the leaders of the two largest Continue Reading

Pooles new Mayor is elected

10 May 2011 No Comments

Councillor Graham Wilson has been elected as Pooles 763rd Mayor at this years Mayor Making Ceremony. The ceremony also saw Councillor Mrs Carol Evans elected as Sheriff and Councillor Les Burden, appointed as Deputy Mayor. Previous Mayor Chris Bulteel for 2010/11, was not re-elected in the local elections and is unable Continue Reading

UPDATED: Surprise in Poole. Bournemouth and Christchurch remain Conservative

6 May 2011 1 Comment

UPDATED AT 18:34. Surprise Poole elections results mean that the Tories lose their majority, resulting in a hung council, while Conservatives in Bournemouth and Christchurch win hands down, securing large majorities. Conservatives in Poole now have 21 of the 42 seats, only three more than the Lib Dems (18), while Continue Reading

UPDATED: Bournemouth election final results 2011

6 May 2011 6 Comments

Final Results for Bournemouth: (Update 18:38 All re-counts have been declared) Conservatives: 45 (+9) Liberal Democrats: 3 (-5) Independents: 3 (-2) Labour: 3 Others: 0 (-2) Were showing who has been elected in each ward, but dont have the vote tallies yet. The ? will be replaced with voting Continue Reading

UPDATED: Poole election final results 2011

6 May 2011 No Comments

Final results for Poole: Conservatives: 21 (-3) Liberal Democrats: 18 (+1) Poole People: 3 (+2) Council: No Overall Control Zoom into this map and click where you live to find out which ward is yours! Alderney 2007 results: 2011 Candidates: 2011 Results: Charles Meachin (LD) Tony Trent (LD) Lindsay Wilson Continue Reading

UPDATED: Christchurch election final results 2011

6 May 2011 No Comments

The Conservatives have increased their majority with a massive 21 seats, Independents have 2 seats, whilst Liberal Democrats hold on to only 1. Final results for Christchurch: Conservatives: 21 (+4) Independents: 2 (-1) Liberal Democrats: 1 (-3) Council: Conservative Majority Zoom into this map and click where you live to Continue Reading


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Poole Conservatives to form Minority Administration

17 May 2011 No Comments

Monday nights full council meeting saw the new elected councillors in Poole finalise the proposal for a hung council, with a minority Tory administration. Cllr Elaine Atkinson was confirmed as leader of the Council and the Conservatives, as the larger group with 21 councillors, will form a minority administration and Continue Reading

Bournemouth Councillor elected as Independent, switches to conservatives

12 May 2011 No Comments

Tories in Bournemouth are to gain another seat in addition to their existing majority of 45, after Independent councillor Derek Borthwick switches to conservatives in Bournemouth. Derek Borthwick (pictured left) elected in the Throop and Muscliff ward as Independent councillor, is switching to Tories amidst anger of the two elected Continue Reading

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AV Referendum Video

This video from the Electoral Commission explains the AV referendum.


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Lotus Lounge


I don’t know a single person that doesn’t love a good Chinese, or a good bargain for that matter and the Lotus Lounge appears to satisfy my hunger for both. I enter, pleasantly surprised by a modern, simple but chic interior, adorned with golden Chinese trinkets and splashes of colour. Continue Reading

Jacks Restaurant, Kings Hotel

Jacks Restaurant, The Kings Hotel

There was much hoo-haa when Gary Rhodes put his name to two restaurants in Christchurch: Rhodes South and King Rhodes (now The Jetty and Jacks Restaurant). But two years later, he was gone, and as I walk through a street filled with eatery after eatery, Im left wondering who needs Continue Reading

Mint Leaf

Mint Leaf Poppadoms

India is known for its excellence in both cricket and cooking, and Dorset cricketer Raj Naik is currently making the transition from cricket ground to kitchen, with the opening of his first ever Indian restaurant, the Mint Leaf in Bournemouth. Raj now plays semi- professional cricket for Dorset after captaining Continue Reading

Loch Fyne


The drive up to Loch Fyne, in Poole is like driving through a fairytale, the enchanted road of The Avenue, underneath the tall, never-ending trees makes for a beautiful journey, at the end of which is upmarket Canford Cliffs, one of the few places I’ve seen where they still have Continue Reading

Richmond Classics


Richmond Classics is synonymous with Bournemouth, and having won countless awards for its achievements in fashion, it has become a favourite store for trendy Bournemouth inhabitants and visitors alike. I must admit that this is my first real visit to Richmond Classics and other than the occasional inquisitive peek at Continue Reading