Solar Powered ‘Smart Bins’ hit Bournemouth seafront

New solar powered litter bins have been installed on Bournemouth’s seafront as part of a campaign by Bournemouth Council to reduce street waste.

The 25 ‘Big Belly’ bins are part of a ‘new generation’ of bins being put in as part of the Smart Streets Campaign. In addition to being solar powered, the bins self-compact waste so that more can be disposed of. The bins send a signal to Street Services when they are full to reduce the amount staff resources needed to empty them.

“We would urge people to use the new bins, think about how they dispose of their waste so that the borough remains a clean and pleasant place for everyone to enjoy,” said Stuart Best, Street Services Manager.

The Smart Streets Campaign will see £1 million invested in environmental initiatives and street improvements across Bournemouth over a 12-month period. In the next few weeks new bins that light up in the dark will be installed at Lansdowne and Old Christchurch Road to help with night time litter problems in the town centre.

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