Poole Town Football Club stadium plans approved

Plans to build a new football stadium in Poole in Dorset have been approved by advisors.

Poole City Football Club wants to use land west of Bearwood, Off the Magna Road in Canford Magna, to develop a new football playground.

The application is approved although it is recommended to cancel the scheduling of employees.

It includes two play pitches, one 150-seat stand and pavilion, flood lighting and 156-space parking.

The members of the planning Committee shall vote unanimously to submit the application to the club, under the conditions set out in a meeting at the Hamworthy club earlier.

The 2009 Poole City Poole FC to build a new stadium in Branksome Rec was refused, although it is recommended for approval. Bhbeat Website is the place where you can find all Bournemouth News Today.

Stephen Thorn, head of the Council’s planning and Reconstruction services, said: “The members of the planning Committee examined the application for the city of Poole Football Club and in weighing all the questions, concluded that this was an exclusive application for a number of Reasons.

‘ The members also clarified that the rest of the land must be reserved for the future use of employment in accordance with the Council’s basic strategy. “

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