Unusual art exhibition takes over disused Bournemouth car park

An unusual art exhibition hosted by AUCB students transformed a disused car park in Winton.

At the end of September, forty art students from the Arts University College at Bournemouth presented an eclectic and bold exhibition in reaction to the alternative exhibition space.

The idea behind the exhibition came from George Bills, a 23-year-old final year Fine Art student from Winton. He said: “I was walking past the car park in April and thought it’d be a great space for an exhibition for as many people as possible to see. What we wanted was for people to come down and be inspired by the space and then create something based on what they saw.”

33 ideas were whittled down from a selection of entries. George added: “It’s all about finding new spaces. It’s so hard to get into established galleries so we’ve made our own.”

‘Survival’ a textiles piece created by Holly Macedo was sold for £100. George commented: “The work wasn’t here to be sold, so this was just an added bonus.”

Louise Byng, 21, from Winton showcased her work called ‘The Brain.’ The 3rd year Illustration student said: “I’m happy that we’ve highlighted a dead space on the High Street.

When I visited here for the first time, it was like the underlying conscience of the High Street so I created an analogy of the brain where I act as the mind of the brain.”

Louise has spent the week typing her thoughts of everything going on using a type-writer. The script will be bound into a book which Louise hopes will be a ‘bi-product of the exhibition.’

The car park has space for 190 cars but has been disused for the past three years because of problems with anti-social behaviour.

Lisa Richardson, Course Leader said: “Bournemouth is full of spaces like this and could do with more exciting art.” Discover more about events like this one.

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