Bringing a taste of Japan to Bournemouth, Oishii Oishii Sushi and Noodle Bar in the town center welcomed locals to the official launch party last night, enticing us in with delectable treats.

The new bar is the latest business venture for local entrepreneur Ryan Lockett who at only 28, already owns Beau Hair & Beauty in Westbourne, a graphic design company called MyDesign and has collaborated with PRIVA on their new Sushi nights.

“It’s a really niche market” Ryan told BHbeat, “We’re making it fast and accessible, so its basically healthy fast food.”

Although small inside, the place was buzzing as Bournemouth was treated to Sushi and Champagne.

The decorative parcels of Sushi were held on silver platters like tiny jewels, with eager guests digging into the delicious salmon and rice rolls wrapped in seaweed, carried around by authentically dressed waitresses.

“Sushi is one of my favourite foods” admits Ryan, “along with pizza of course. We’re hoping to expand the business across Dorset, so that’s exciting.” You might also try a super easy recipe of a tasty pasta dish by following this link.

The smiles were flowing as freely as the Champagne as Ryan and his business partner Ryan Rigley, 39, celebrated with friends and local business people in their minimalist, modern space.

The business is expanding fast. Having only been open for a month, the menu has already been revamped and the company is branching out into delivery, in the hope of opening more Sushi bars across Dorset.

Ryan Rigley said, “It’s been very interesting, we’ve had to tweak the menu a few times to our tastes but I’m so excited, I might have to start doing the deliveries myself!”

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