On the beat: What are you doing for Fathers Day?

Its that time of year again when people come together to celebrate Fathers across the country for Fathers Day. This weekend will see manic buying of cards, football memorabilia  flying off shelves and restaurant phones ringing off the hook to show how much we love our dads. BHbeat took to the streets of Bournemouth to find out what you were up to for Fathers Day and whether the traditional gift of a meal booked and paid for by yours truly is still the popular choice! 

How are you celebrating Fathers Day?

Katie Roberts, 21
Ill be doing the standard spending the day with my dad and going out for a meal in the evening, but Ill let him choose the restaurant.
Owen OMalley, 21
I wont be doing anything because Ill be here at my university digs but my dad thinks its a Clinton Cards holiday anyway, he doesn’t even like it when we spend money on him for his birthday! I might buy him a beer when I go home.
Sophie Hancox, 20
I m not at home for Fathers Day so I’m being a bad daughter and just sending him a card..
David Olley, 20, Actor
“I would hope to go and see my dad if I am around my hometown and do the usual of go out for a meal.
Abi Cane, 20, Student
“I will be my Fathers personal slave for the day.
Will Johnson, 26
“I won’t be celebrating it in the usual way, Ill just be spending time with the in-laws.”
Rachael Balogun, 22
“Ill be doing absolutely nothing because I dont like my dad, we dont get on, so we go all out on mothers Day and everything else but not Fathers Day.
Chelsea Francis, 21
“Ill be going out for a meal because its the easiest thing to do.

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