On the beat: Who should judge The X Factor?

The media has gone mad over the past few weeks with the ever-changing future of The X Factor. As far as we can tell, Cheryl Cole is not to return to the UK version of the show and the panel consists of Gary Barlow, Kelly Rowland, Tulisa from N-Dubz and Louis Walsh. We wanted to find out what the people of Bournemouth think about the new judging panel. Should Cheryl Cole be allowed back and who would the public like to see judging the show?

Who should judge the X factor?

Bethany Cross, 20
Im not going to watch the new series, the new panel is rubbish except for Gary Barlow. The other judges need to have talent and actual experience.
Sam Bromley, 20
Its a good thing that they are changing the panel, it helps keep the show fresh, but Simon is the one who holds it together so the new dynamic will be interesting. It would be nice to see someone from a traditional band background judge like Brandon Flowers from the Killers.
Merryn Chilcott, 20
I may watch the show now that Simon has been replaced. I think Kelly Rowland might be quite good but they need tp use professionals instead of famous people who dont know what they are talking about..
Nick Thornton, 23
“I say bring back Simon Cowell, he has more knowledge on the so-called music industry.
Leo Wood, 20
“I dont like Simon Cowell, we need good role models. They should nominate a member of the public to judge or someone with talent such as Adele.
Kieron Perry, 20
“The new judging panel does not have as much musical knowledge and judging experience as the old panel.”
Yolanda Collins, 19
“I probably wont watch this series due to the new panel. I feel the only judge of merit is Gary Barlow. A better option would be a professional of age.
Reece Jordan, 20,
“The judging panel isnt really why I watch the show so I dont care who is on it, I watch it because of the musical talent.

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