‘Blooming Marvellous’ attracted 1000 visitors per day to Bournemouth Library’s newest installment, the knitted garden.


Described as an intergenerational community knitted garden project, 1,500 of Bournemouth and Poole’s knitting enthusiasts aged from three to 99, knitted an array of garden objects from flowers to frogs that covered three floors of Bournemouth Library.

The display was integrated into the library structure with grapevines climbing up pillars and hanging baskets from the library ceiling.

Founded in October 2010, project manager, Pauline Stanley, a former Arts University College Bournemouth student, told BHbeat: “There’s a thing called yarn bombing which is like graffiti but with knitting so we basically yarn bombed the library!”

Pauline visited established knitting and crafts groups in the area as well as working with the mentally and physically disabled to create this artistic masterpiece.

She added: “It’s a huge success in terms of a community project that’s really worked and really engaged a lot of people.”

One volunteer, Inge Hodgos, started crochet about 80 years ago. She said: “I think it’s very uplifting as everyone who comes in here smiles when they see our work.”

Blooming Marvellous is no longer displaying at Bournemouth Library, but can be found at Kinson library from 8th June – 2nd July.