Bournemouth Ladies FC is set to follow in the footsteps of their male counterparts when they play at the Seward Stadium.


Bournemouth Ladies FC: (L-R rear) Lu Tallant, Nic Taylor, Georgie Hoban, Cody Busby & Chey Clarke, (L-R front) Gill Neill, Iga Kozakiewicz, Jess Cook, Ellie Davis, Katie O’Donoghue & Julez Towers

The newly formed ladies side will take on Weymouth Ladies on 16th October at the home of the Cherries.

Bournemouth Ladies FC manager, Darren Clarke said: “It’s going to be a massive occasion for us and we are determined to win the game. We have a group of ladies who are dedicated and determined to do well and are a credit to the club.

“It would be amazing to have AFC Bournemouth fans turn up and cheer us on. We’ve been backed superbly by the club and we appreciate all the support we get.”

Chairman Eddie Mitchell said: “I think it’s a great opportunity for the ladies team. We wanted to get the team up and running and now we want to keep up that support and see them grow.

“It’s a simple gesture but hopefully it will give them a boost and will set them on their way to a successful season.”

The ladies team have had an eventful season so far, beginning with a 9-0 defeat to Broadstone followed by a 11-0 win last weekend at Queen Bees of Bridport and Beaminster.

Bournemouth Ladies FC vice-captain, Nicola Taylor added: “It will be a very proud moment for me to walk out at the Seward Stadium and play on the same turf that the men play on week in week out.