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Flirty by name, flirty by nature. Strolling through the bare streets of Bournemouth Triangle on a relatively unremarkable Sunday evening, Café FLIRT appears to be living up to its unambiguous title.

My guest and I are pleasantly overwhelmed by how full our destination is, alive with the buzz and promise of a Friday night as opposed to a lazy late afternoon signalling the close of the weekend. “It’s been like this ever since we opened about three months ago. You come in hoping for a quiet day sometimes, but it never happens!” one ‘Flirter’ laughs from behind the counter.

Café FLIRT operates upon a self-serve basis, and with knowledge in hand of their infamous milkshakes, I waste no time in ordering myself a recommended Ferrero Rocher version. And boy, I am not disappointed; as the creamy concoction hits my lips it’s love at first taste. Add into the equation satisfyingly moreish chunks of hazelnut and chocolate, and it’s fair to say I could easily become a closet milkshake addict best upgrade that Gym membership. Youmight be interested in visiting the Cafe Boscanova.

The buffet-style salad bar and hot counter immediately make my eyes light up, and considering most other diners surrounding me appear to have opted for this choice, I decide it’d be rude not to follow suit. Paninis, wraps, soups, fresh cakes and the usual snacky type fare feature on the regular menu too. With today’s hearty selection consisting of an eclectic choice of sweet and sour chicken, chilli con carne and sausage casserole, I feel assured a comforting meal is about to ensue. BHbeat offers you Beales Girls Night Out.

A vibrant mix of retro and modern, cosy and edgy, furniture ranges from simple wooden stools, to cushion loaded sofas. There even appears to be a row of leather seats and heck, there’s a football table in one corner and a piano in the next! Meanwhile, walls embellished with adorable fairy lights and lanterns give a warm vibe, and canvases featuring iconic Hollywood faces give a cool edge.

It makes me want to come back here to chill with friends, go for a cheeky coffee date, or at the very least challenge my brother to a match on that football table. To call this a microcosm of everything that’s cool about Bournemouth seems appropriate although it’s not a massive Café, it just seems very much a hub of the alternative community.

FLIRTs attraction lies in the offbeat interior, charming staff and tempting homemade menu; Im well and truly left lusting after more of that damn milkshake.