Sturtons and Tappers in Winton, Bournemouth will be holding a Charity Fundraising Fun Day on Thursday 5th May 2011 on behalf of MacMillan Cancer Support.The charity is 100 years old this year and to celebrate this we will be raising funds via various different methods within the store,the theme being fun.

All staff will be dressing up to emphasise the fun theme. We will have live music.

There will be a silent auction with many items up for sale to the highest bidder,for example a G Plan Leather swivel chair and stool,our usual price £1372.00.Put a bid in over the reserve price of £399.00 in the letter box before 4pm.The highest bid is donated to the charity in full.

We have a morning raffle and an afternoon raffle with a dozen prizes in each raffle with prizes including a digital coffee maker,duvet set and a 20 piece dinner set.

At the front of the store we will have  a stand selling tea and coffee, we will also have a Muffin Making demonstration.

Competitions will include  “Guess the Weight of the Cake “,”Quickest Time Bed Making”, “Treasure Map Hunt”and”How many Balloons can you get in a Wardrobe”.

Lots of Retailers in Winton are supporting the event with advertising and prizes.We will have collection buckets around and about on the day,bunting and balloons on our shop front to give it all a carnival atmosphere.

Its all about having fun and raising money for this worthwhile cause.All the staff are involved and have made donations to the raffle.