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An original, independent review by Staff:

LMP lounge is the newest eatery to grace Charminster High Street. And with such a vast assortment of eateries competing for their place in the spotlight, any newcomer would have to bring something different to the table.

And that, it has. Open just over a month, the place inside reminds me of a funky bar, with painted black walls and a trendy colour palette, it has a distinctly ‘cool’ feel. It’s not overbearing though, and I feel quite comfortable as I take a seat. I feel at home in LMP, which I’m told stands for Like Minded People. The young man who greets me I later learn is called Paul, who kindly allowed me to opt from the dinner menu in the first place. He speaks to everyone who enters in the same, unthreatening manner, a lot on a first name basis.

My food arrives in good time, and I’m pleasantly surprised at the ‘homemade-ness’ of it all. In days when food is so readily available brought in frozen from food suppliers, I’m glad a new place like LMP Lounge have decided to do things the traditional way – by hand. The 21st century customer has wised up to frozen food and is screaming out for something better. And even if it means forking out an extra few pounds, the fishcake is the first example of why going home-made is a good idea.

It’s a large, hearty round of salmon and mashed potato. It’s tasty and perfectly cooked; with a crispy breadcrumb coating. Dipped in a little Tartar sauce, I enjoy my starter at £4.99.

The main course is of a similar standard. The Steak and Ale pie has a perfectly crisp pastry lid that rests delicately on the beef filling like a short-crust biscuit. There’s a generous amount of meaty beef, surrounded in a sweet, extra-tasty Ale gravy. Accompanied by mash, broccoli and carrots, the meal is a tasty triumph, especially at £8.55.

I hurriedly take down notes after every mouthful, and grab a few photographs of every dish, and as expected, I’m busted! A large man makes his way to my table, peers down at me and politely asks, “is everything okay madam?”

I don’t have to weasel out of this one, I know the review’s going to be good. “Great thank you!” I reply. His name is Kevin and he’s the manager. He’s won me over with the good food at LMP and tells me about the success the place has had since opening five weeks ago. He also tells me there’s live music on Sundays, and ambitions to have live music throughout the week too.

I find it particularly difficult to resist a dessert. I order a Chocolate Fudge Cake at £4.50. It perhaps doesn’t reach up to the standards of the starter and main, but the lashings of sticky, chocolate sauce finish my three-course meal off on a sweet note.

I’d summarise the LMP Lounge as having a great combination of homemade food, local ingredients and decent prices. The almost nightclub-like elements of the interior, paired with casual and friendly service make it a relatively unique restaurant/bar, and one that I will certainly venture out to again.